Orgasmic Home Invasion

October 13, 2010 ·

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Orgasmic Home Invasion
PervertedChaos: Nicky’s husband is a Cop, the problem is he’s hardly ever home. She is already nervous being in such a big house all by herself as her husband works long hours putting away bad guys. She is about to take a shower on one of these nervous nights when she hears a loud noise coming from the front. What happens next is actually something she has fantasized about for years but never could tell her husband about it. She is accosted in the shower by 2 intruders that want nothing more than to make this D Cup beauty cum all over herself. Nicky fights at first but then gives in to secret desires as she begins to ooze from her plump, tight pussy. Fear quickly turns into a perverted fantasy come true encounter that leads a powerful creamy orgasm………

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