Orgasmic Home Invasion

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Orgasmic Home Invasion
PervertedChaos: Nicky’s husband is a Cop, the problem is he’s hardly ever home. She is already nervous being in such a big house all by herself as her husband works long hours putting away bad guys. She is about to take a shower on one of these nervous nights when she hears a loud noise coming from the front. What happens next is actually something she has fantasized about for years but never could tell her husband about it. She is accosted in the shower by 2 intruders that want nothing more than to make this D Cup beauty cum all over herself. Nicky fights at first but then gives in to secret desires as she begins to ooze from her plump, tight pussy. Fear quickly turns into a perverted fantasy come true encounter that leads a powerful creamy orgasm………

Savannah’s Throat Grab

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Savannah's Throat Grab
PervertedChaos: Savannah is a true Dom at heart although she does not openly admit it and Heather loves to be choked out. Savannah has a tight hold on the neck at the start and does not let go but only for a moment as she fingers and licks Heathers juicy pussy. Heather is so turned on she starts to choke herself as she already misses the strong hands from Savannah. Savannah shoves her wet fingers, sloppy from Heathers gorgeous pussy, DEEP down Heathers throat until she gags and coughs. Then it’s a return to pussy licking and TIGHT LESBIAN STRANGLING……..

Bound and Helpless

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Bound and Helpless
PervertedChaos: Beth was hanging there like a piece of meat dangling over the side of a boat….We couldn’t wait to move in. She has the cutest little belly and the sexiest navel. Her skin is so tan and smooth we licked it and played with it while she loved every second. She is only 19 and we loved having her “experiment” with us. Her arms were tied above her head and she was strung out so her whole body was at our disposal. She trusted us. Beth knew that AJ was her friend, her friend “with benefits”, and I was just happy to see it first hand….

Afternoon Asphyxiation

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Afternoon Asphyxiation
PervertedChaos: Kim and Crystal have a thing for each other. They have a thing for chking each other out while necking at the same time. Their slim, petite bodies lend to some pretty hot Girl on girl throat fetish scenes. They are able to mount each other with ease as they slide their way up to the neck with sultry passion. They take their time and they do it right. These 2 make you want to cum all over them with the way they manipulate the camera. The camera loves them and we love them. Keep it up girls!!

Red Neck Sonia

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Red Neck Sonia
PervertedChaos: Sonia takes it pretty hard in this throat strangl clip. Her man moves on top of her and TIGHTENS the GRIP. One hand to steady her and the other to completely constrict even tighter. She loved every second of it. He kisses and caresses but what she wanted were those strong hands to take charge. Her neck and face turn beat Red as the air is constricted and there is no stopping him until the end of the clip….

Lucys Suspended Tickling Workout

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Lucys Suspended Tickling Workout
PervertedChaos: Have you ever noticed how EXHAUSTING being TICKLED is?? Lucy does now. She thrashes about for a solid tickling clip here. Here hands are above her head but we gave her the option to bail out if its too much….see she is VERY TICKLISH in certain areas. Especially under the arms. The magic wand weaves its way around her armpits and down between her legs the whole time. Lizzy loves doing it. It’s like pushing a button and watching a toy. TICKLING is very amusing to her, she is enthralled by the activity. Being the TICKLER not the TICKLEE definitely has its advantages….

Rich Bitch Abduction

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Rich Bitch Abduction
PervertedChaos: Just who the fuck do you think you are you little bitch? Walking around the house like you own the block and your shit don’t stink. People in the neighborhood talk about bitches like these. The classic “One Upper” Bitch. She even thinks she is the best lay in the county. she claims she can fuck better than all over us put together. Well we shall show her a little taste today. We grabbed her by the mouth..threw her down on the couch, ate her pussy out, held down her hands, and sucked on those tities. We didnt want her to have any control, we were sick of her shit. To be honest we should have choked the fuck out of her also…hind sight is 20/20.

Gabby’s Strangle Hold

Forced Tickling Orgasms - Gabby's Strangle Hold
PervertedChaos: When Gabby and Rene get together after work they know the night has just begun. Although the they start off kissing and petting very gently Gabby can’t help herself but take control of Rene and her beautiful neck. She is practically begging for it right from the very start. Gabby grabs her by the neck and seductively takes control of her. She carefully kisses and licks her way around the nape as she holds on tight with two hands. Rene loves it and could want nothing more after a hard days work. Rene’s neck turns red and her pussy gets wet….don’t miss out.